About the Blogger

Beatrice doesn’t like to read. She prefers looking at the pictures of some books or would rather ask what happens in the book you’re currently reading (if it doesn’t have pictures) than finding out the story herself. She can read, she just don’t want to.

But sometime in her life, Beatrice Learns To Read.

Hey there, Reader! I’m Beatrice, a.k.a. Bea, the person behind Beatrice Learns To Read. I am a 21 24 year old book blogger from the Philippines and I love books that involve adorkable guys, exploding #FEELS and mind blowing plot twists.

I also love to laugh, eat sweets, cuddle my dog, listen to music and daydream.

About the Blog

Beatrice Learns To Read is a blog for book reviews of YA Contemporary/Teen Fiction novels. Here you may find books that you are dying to read, you’ve already read or maybe books you haven’t even heard of.

The purpose of this blog is to discover gems in the YA book community and share my honest thoughts and unbiased analysis of these titles.

I also rate them according to my preference and highlight what I love about the books reviewed.

The blog also feature Author Interviews, Most Anticipated Reads of the Month and more.

Feel free to lurk around and leave some comments and suggestions! I want to hear from you too!

Thank you!

I’m also on these sites!
Twitter: @beatricereads
Instagram: @beatricereads
Facebook: Beatrice Learns To Read
Bloglovin’: Beatrice Learns To Read

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