ARC April | Recap & Wrap-Up

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At the beginning of this month, I announced that I will be joining Read.Sleep.Repeat‘s event, ARC April.


ARC April is an event where the goal is to read all (if possible) your ARCs for the month. On my initial post, I pledged that I’ll be reading 9 of my ARCs for the month. I wasn’t really able to post a weekly progress of how I’m catching up but that’s because I’ve decided to just do a single post to wrap everything up. So… how many books did I actually read?
(See my initial ARC April post here)

ARCs I’ve actually read…

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to achieve my ambitious goal of reading 9 books but 5 isn’t so bad, right? Just don’t compare it to others who’ve gone double digits. LOL. Anyway, I was also able to review all of them as well! So, win-win!
Here are some excerpt from my reviews of the following books (click respective links for full review):
The writing is simple and straightforward, making it even more engaging than it already is and it’s one of the many reasons why I enjoyed this book. There’s something magnetic about it. The storyline is my kind of contemporary – real and fulfilling.


The story wasn’t that long, it had brief chapters with amusing titles but, the pacing made it feel like I was reading a 700-page book. The story was going a little slow where I got to the point that I don’t even know where the whole story was going.


The story telling was good and easy to follow but the actual story just got really weird and messy halfway through which made me confused in some parts. I didn’t understand some them but I think the problem was on my end. I guess it’s one attribute you can’t take away from the story because it’s supposed to be weird and messy and, it works.


The storyline, the continuity and how things are interconnected like a perfectly woven tapestry in this book is one of the things that I find laudable about Suffer Love. I didn’t mind the amount of coincidences long as it brings our two characters together.


My thoughts about this book are conflicting. Let’s say The Star-Touched Queen‘s theme is not fitting for my taste BUT the story is my own fantasy realized into a book.

So, that’s it! Did you join ARC April too? How did your month go? Let me know in the comments!
Thank you!

ARC Review | Dreamology by Lucy Keating

23466626Title: Dreamology
Author: Lucy Keating
Publication: April 12th 2016 by HarperTeen
Format: Advance Reading Copy
Source: Provided by the publisher via Edelweiss
ISBN: 9780062380005

How Hard Can Love Be? (Normal, #2)

synopsisFor as long as Alice can remember, she has dreamed of Max. Together they have traveled the world and fallen deliriously, hopelessly in love. Max is the boy of her dreams—and only her dreams. Because he doesn’t exist.
But when Alice walks into class on her first day at a new school, there he is. It turns out, though, that Real Max is nothing like Dream Max, and getting to know each other in reality isn’t as perfect as Alice always hoped.
When their dreams start to bleed dangerously into their waking hours, the pair realize that they might have to put an end to a lifetime of dreaming about each other. But when you fall in love in your dreams, can reality ever be enough?

reviewI received a digital review copy of this book from HarperCollins via Edelwiess in exchange for an honest review. By no means have my review been affected and/or influenced.
#UnpopularOpinion coming in 3… 2…
I have always had the fascination for stories where dreaming is part of the major plot. And so, the moment I saw Dreamology from Goodreads, I instantly felt the need to read it. It didn’t matter if I had to wait quite a few months before I could finally read it, I just knew that I had too. If you were to ask me a few months ago what my anticipated reads for 2016 were, Dreamology was always the first one I’d say.
With that being said, my expectations for this book was way up there. I’ve been hearing nothing but rave reviews about how good it was from the people who’ve read it early, and that did fuel my excitement in reading this book even more. But here I am right now, a teeny-weeny bit disappointed.
Dreamology tells the story of Alice. Ever since she was young, she always had vivid and bizarre dreams about a boy named Max. What’s weird is that the dreams are different every night but Max is always there and in her dreams, they’re in love. Alice can’t help but develop feelings for Max even if he doesn’t even exist in real life. But when she and her dad moves to Boston, something unbelievable happens. She meets a boy who looks exactly like the Max she dreams of in the flesh. If that isn’t weird enough, his name is also Max.
Alice was a difficult character to engage to. I didn’t really connect with her at all. She was literally living the dream that her character just became more fictional than having a hint of reality. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like her at all.  Max, too. I didn’t like how his character is full of angst and is a control-freak. What’s even more annoying is that he keeps sending mixed signals to Alice! He made me less appreciate the swoony moments he shared with Alice because I just keep on doubting his sincerity. The other characters needing some fleshing out too. Like Alice’s father that only exists to give a random trivia about something. The only character I really appreciate is Oliver, and I think he’s the only one that actually has a personality.
The story wasn’t that long, it had brief chapters with amusing titles but, the pacing made it feel like I was reading a 700-page book. The story was going a little slow where I got to the point that I don’t even know where the whole story was going. There were also the “dream chapters” which is sort of Alice’s dream journal where she tells what happens in her dreams. Honestly speaking, I lost interest in reading those dream chapters about 70% of the book. But what I did like about this book is the author’s writing style. She has a way with words that I think were really creative especially her use of similes.
So, why did I say I was a bit disappointed with this book? Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, I was expecting a lot more of a high fantasy read than to having a scientific explanation about the bizarre happenings in this book. The moment the dream facility was introduced, the magic didn’t make sense to me anymore. But even if there was a science to everything that was happening, the explanation was too vague and I have to say, there’s a much needed back story.
All in all, I think Dreamology is an okay read. Will I re-read it? Maybe? Maybe not?



  • Cover – That’s a given. It’s one reason why I’d want this book on my shelf. Could be the only reason actually.
  • Oliver – I was rooting for him. He’s a total charmer. I’d choose him over Max anytime. I was looking forward to chapter where he is present to keep myself entertained. Spoiler alert!!! I was actually hoping that it will be Alice and Oliver in the end, that she’ll realize that what she had for Max only existed in her dreams but… it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be.
  • This quote
“We don’t accept or want to accept things beyond our control… especially when they come out of our own minds.”

Book Description and Cover Image from Goodreads

ARC April | Books I’ll Be Reading this Month

arcaprilWhat is ARC April? Well, ARC April is exactly what I need right now.


To enlighten you even more, ARC April an event organized by Shelly and Octavia from Read.Sleep.Repeat and it’s a month long challenge where the goal is to read all the ARCs you can read that’s been piling up on your shelves! Just like an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, but with ARCs! It’s usually an event that happens during August but they’ve decided to bring the challenge to April. Talk about perfect timing. Honestly speaking, I’ve been struggling with my ARCs recently. I blame NetGalley for being so tempting. ARC April is just the opportunity I needed to trim down that pile!

What I will be reading…

So, 9 books, huh? It’s quite ambitious but if you would take a look at my NetGalley shelf, you’d say I should do more. It’s also quite the challenge since I’m not the type to read 10 books/month but with the right amount of motivation and will power (yes, will power), I think I’ll be able to read all 9 books (and more)! Don’t look at me like that, I’m being positive here. Hahaha.
Are joining ARC April? What will you be reading?
Leave a comment below and let me know!
Leave some words of encouragement too, I think I’m gonna need it. LOL.
Haven’t joined ARC April yet? Sign ups are open until April 15th.
Click here for more details.
Thank you!