Discussion Post #1 |Are book blogs still relevant for book reviews?


You may be wondering why I’m even asking this question. It just started about a week ago when I came across a sign up form for a certain publisher’s ARC mailing list. There was a part in the form where it states that “you don’t need to have an official “blog” anymore to be a reviewer, but having social media presence definitely helps.” They then asked if I have accounts on certain social media platforms and my number of followers. Typical stuff publishers asks.
And that was when the question started to form in my head. Are book blogs still relevant for writing book reviews?
Honestly speaking this got me thinking hard if I’m still putting all my effort on the right platform. Sure, I talk about books on Twitter, I post Instagram photos of books I’m reading but, at the end of the day, I still put more effort when it comes to writing book reviews on my blog (which are also crossposted on Goodreads).
And what does “anymore” even mean? It appears to me that before, you have to have your own blog to be acknowledged as a reviewer by publishers, but now, that doesn’t seem to be the case.
I’m not generalizing and that just seem to be the preference of one or some publishers. But what do you think?
Maybe I just got a little confused when they used the word “anymore” which I took in a different way. Because if I don’t need to have a blog, where do they expect me to write my reviews for their books? Let’s say I really don’t have a blog but I’m on Twitter, do they expect me to write a review in 140 characters? Would that be enough as long as I have “social media presence”?
I guess things are really changing, and with the book community continuously growing bigger and bigger, it seems necessary to adjust to these changes. In all honesty, my greatest struggle is keeping up with my social media presence and that’s a huge part of blogging, we’re walking talking advertisements of the books we’re reviewing if you consider it. When I started blogging, I never really thought of these things cause I didn’t know about it. All I cared about was sharing my thoughts about the books I’m reading and that’s it. But today, I feel like I need to have people to actually listen to me and get them to read my review. Oh, the pressure. (I’m going a bit off-topic here, but I guess I found my next discussion post.)
So, going back to the main question, are book blogs still relevant?
I asked the question on Twitter and the results are below:
I can’t actually say the same for publishers but fellow book lovers who voted on the poll picked Goodreads as the most effective platform, and book blogs comes very close in second, followed by Instagram (Bookstagram) and Twitter respectively.
It was no surprise that Goodreads got the most votes for being the preferred platform for reading book reviews. That actually answers part of my question earlier, if I don’t have a blog, I can always post my reviews on Goodreads. But does it make personal book blogs irrelevant then?
I think otherwise.

My Bookstagram (Do Over) and a Giveaway!

go explore

Hello there! This is really random but I just¬†wanted to post about my recently made over bookstagram! I’ve been bookstagramin’ for quite a while now since I first had my book-related Instagram account even before this blog (I started on January of 2015, I just checked), but then, I haven’t really “established” my profile for various reasons. So, I decided that a little do-over¬†might change things up. ūüôā

Before everything else, let’s take trip down to memory lane and see the evolution¬†my Instagram account…
I first started with the username @readescape_ /@read.escape
(Check out my 1st bookstagram pic!)


The reason¬†behind that name¬†is by that time, I only just discovered the world of reading and it has become my “escape” from reality, hence the name. But aside from that, I picked a username that didn’t include my name because I didn’t want anybody to know that I have a book-related Instagram account. I kept it a secret to my friends and family. I guess I didn’t want to be judged or something? I always had to take pics when no one is around and it was very difficult. The funny thing is that my mom eventually discovered it, (I still don’t know how) and even said I take good pics!¬†Silly, silly me.
Eventually, I changed my name to @beatricereads after I made a blog and a twitter account. But then I stumbled through an “identity crisis” when I couldn’t settle for a theme. I always kept a theme for my feed since the beginning stage of my account because¬†I wanted my feed to organized and pretty looking¬†like all the other accounts I see and of course, I wanted to gain followers too.
I kept changing themes, trying something different then deleting everything again until I just got tired and decided, that’s it. I need to make up my mind!
I checked out a lot of¬†different accounts on bookstagram and got some inspration on how to be creative on taking great photos. I also downloaded photo editing apps that most bookstagramer use. For my photos, I first edit them on Snapseed (Thank God for Snapseed!) and add filters with VSCO. You don’t need to edit much if you have great lighting so I always take my photos during day time. Shoutout to my favorite bookstagram accounts (@ejmellow, @readingoncloud9,¬†@alice.in.wonderbookland, @alybooksandcoffee, @aenteereads)
And now, here’s a glimpse of my new Instagram feed! I promise that I’ll try to keep it like this and maintain it as it is.
What do you think? ūüôā
Another thing, I have an ongoing giveaway on my bookstagram to celebrate my birthday! I decided to celebrate it on IG since it’s where my bookish world journey began! Head over to my Instagram account (@beatricereads) for full mechanics. Open INTERNATIONAL. Ends 7/27 (MY BIRTHDAY!)


Thanks for stopping by!
P.S. Comment below your bookstagram accounts!

Beatrice Learns To Read turns 1! | Celebration Kick-off + LOADS OF GIVEAWAYS!


I still can’t believe that it’s been a year already and I’m about to celebrate my first year of blogging!¬†It’s not until March 23rd that my blog will be turning 1 but I couldn’t wait a few more days to celebrate!
To be honest, I’m totally clueless on what to write for this¬†post. I only thought of hosting a giveaway and that’s it (yep, there is a giveaway but please don’t scroll pass this yet LOL). ¬†Forgive me, it’s my first time celebrating what they call a blogiversary and I’m just so excited. And while we’re talking about “firsts”, I just had an idea… how about a¬†look back on my past year of blogging where I share my blog’s firsts?
Don’t worry it’s not that long.
Okay, so I just ran out of firsts to add on my list. Any other firsts you want to know?
Anyway,¬†moving on to the more interesting part…
To celebrate my first year of blogging and as a way of saying “thanks for sticking around for a year, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post, thanks for being my nth follower, thanks for following me on twitter, and on instagram and on bloglovin’ too, thanks for fangirling with me, thanks for sending virtual hugs, thanks for reading this even if I’m just stalling..” HAHA but seriously, THANK YOU! And with that, I’m giving away a¬†book of choice from Book Depository amounting to $20 to one blog follower/subscriber! Not yet a follower? We can fix that! Just hit follow and you’re good! No WordPress account? Easy peasy! Subscribe via email (see right hand side of the blog), confirm your subscription (check your email for confirmation) and that will¬†count as 5¬†entries already as¬†long as you enter below!


Open Internationally to where Book Depository ships.
But wait! There’s more!
Since I can only afford to pick 1 winner for my $20 giveaway, I asked for¬†some¬†help from the Awesomest people in the world. And guess what? There will be 20+ more winners! If luck is tough on you and you didn’t get picked for the $20 giveaway, don’t fret! There are more stuff to win! Hint: signed books, ebooks, ARCs, bookmarks, etc. all from your favorite authors a.k.a. the Awesomest people in the world. ūüėČ
There will be new giveaways everyday so make sure to come back and enter every single one (for good measure)!

  • [INTL]¬†Paula Stokes Swag Pack (Bookmarks, Magnets & Postcards).¬†
  • [INTL] Signed copy of Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by Ann Jacobus + Eiffel Tower Keychain.
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My Dream Literary Collection | I’m building a Harry Potter Library!


You might have clicked on this post¬†thinking that I am building a Harry Potter library but I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m not rich. However, I¬†may not not be building an actual library (for now), but¬†let¬†me to share to you my dream literary collection.
Recently, Ryan from invaluable.com reached out to me and asked if I could share my dream literary collection. I admit, I really wasn’t sure what my dream collection is¬†but then I browsed through Invaluable’s selection of first edition books (I was specifically looking for anything Harry Potter) and was surprised to discover these:

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Book Blogger Creativity Project 2015 | Teal Trick or Treat: My Bookish Halloween Costume! (And haven’t you heard? There’s a giveaway, too!)

Hello there! It’s been a fun Halloween week for Teal Team and it’s now time to wrap up the blog hop but before it officially ends, we’ve decided to share each of our Halloween costumes (via¬†Polyvore) to you!
For my Halloween costume, I really had a hard time picking which bookish character shall I dress up as but a random idea just popped into my head and I give you not 1, but 2 fictional inspired character costume.
But before I show it to you guys, let me remind you that what I came up with is more or a “fashion inspiration” than a costume, but nonetheless, it still identifies to the character.
So, for my first Halloween costume, I picked this wardrobe.¬†Let’s see if you could guess which fictional character was my inspiration for this.


Any guesses? Okay, I know it’s pretty obvious. It’s Beatrice Prior from Divergent! I was very particular in choosing the Abnegation-themed clothing because it was when Tris was still “Beatrice”. Yeah, that was the random idea. I just think it would be cool to dress up as my namesake.
Moving on… I have another fictional character whom I share the same name with and here’s what I came up with for the costume.


I’m gonna stop you right there if you’re thinking of another character with the name Beatrice. For this character,¬†we do have the same name, well, half of her name, that is. Okay? Okay.
For my second costume, I picked Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in our Stars. No, my name isn’t Beatrice Grace. Jsyk, my name is actually Hazel Beatrice. ūüėČ
Random fact: Both characters were played by Shailene Woodly in their respective movie version. Cool, right?
Anyway, check out the rest of the team’s Halloween costume! Drop by their blogs and leave a comment!
Oh! Wait, before I forget, there’s a GIVEAWAY¬†going on!
Enter here for a chance to 2 spooky reads + swag!
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This blog post is part of the Book Blogger Creativity Project 2015 created by Nori from ReadWriteLove28.

Blog Award #1 | The Versatile Blogger Award

plate (1)

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Eden from the blog Her Book Obsession.
Thank you very much!

The Rules:
  • Thank the person who gave you this award. That‚Äôs common courtesy.
  • Include a link to their blog. That‚Äôs also common courtesy ‚ÄĒ if you can figure out how to do it.
  • Select 15 blogs / bloggers that you‚Äôve recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award by leaving the link to your post in their comments.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 things about me: First of all, thank you for getting this far.
  1. I’m a Christian.
  2. BACK TO THE FUTURE is my all time favorite movie. My family used to watch it countless times. I almost know all the lines!
  3. Sweet Tooth. I like sweets too much that I think I’m already sugar dependent.
  4. My body clock is a mess.
  5. I love books with the right amount of swoon. No insta-love!
  6. Introvert. I get tensed when I’m alone in public. I don’t know if that has something to do with me being an Introvert.
  7. I can write backwards. In cursive. Beat that! The story behind that is I was at church one time.¬†I was much younger then so I¬†didn’t really pay attention to the Pastor’s sermon, instead, I doodle stuff and I just happened to discover my ability of writing backwards. ūüėÜ

My nominees:
Maria from Big City Bookworm
Rebekah from Rebekah Is Reading
Marine from Marine’s Books
Ghadir from Escaping From Reality
Liz from Nerdi Girl Books
Elle from elle.biblio
Yana from Opinionated
Emily from Ginger Spiced Life
Meena from Tattoed Pages
Summer from xingsings
Fay from Bibliophile Soprano
Poulami from Daydreaming Books
And everyone else who wants to do it!

Random Beginnings.

It’s 12:45 am and my mom is telling me to go to bed but here I am sitting in front of my computer, typing.¬†*cue: keyboard typing sound effect*
Allow me to pour out everything in my head right now before it disappears. Or before I get distracted. Just this moment, I have decided to create a blog. Not just a blog, but a blog for books. You see, it was just last year when I realized that I actually liked reading. Wait, let me put it this way. I discovered that I have the capacity to actually finish a book without skipping chapters or asking my friends to just tell me what happens in the book. (Now don’t ask why my site address is named like it is)¬†I realized that reading was fun, enjoyable and an escape to a different world. And it’s even more fun when you get to be in that world with other readers.
Reading other book blogs also influenced me to start my own because I, too, want to share my thoughts on a certain book and not just agree or disagree to what others are saying about it. I also want to challenge myself if I would be able to comprehend and express my thoughts into words.¬†So I just hope that this impulsive decision to create a blog won’t end up to be a “ningas cogon” one.
Anyway, I still have to get used to blogging, all the technicalities, how-to’s and things like that.¬†So I¬†guess that will be it for now. And when I get back,¬†I’ll post something book related. Fine with that? Yes, I know you are.
P.S. I’m currently reading Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard and that will be the first book I’m going to review. Please anticipate!
Thank you!
It’s now 1:42 am.