Unboxing | Owlcrate April 2017 Box (Head Over Heels) + Story Time

go exploreHey there! Today I’m gonna be doing something new on the blog which is an unboxing of something I bought recently. It’s kinda obvious what it is because it’s on the title (duh me) but yeeeep, it’s an Owlcrate unboxing!!! I have always wanted to subscribe to Owlcrate but poor me never had the chance to especially for someone who lives outside the US, I’m kind of scared that my box will get lost and everything that I paid for will just go to waste… but let’s talk about that later!
Anyway, another reason for this purchase is that I waited for the theme that would suit my taste especially for my first box, I made sure that the book will be something that I’d love, so finally, here it is!
Beware: SPOILERS, duh.

This month’s theme is Head Over Heels which is perfect for those who loves swoon worthy and contemporary reads.
The first thing you’ll see when you open the box is this cute art print. Flip it over and you’ll see a spoiler list of everything inside. So if you love surprises, I advice you to skip reading it before the whole unboxing. 😉




More unboxing…


1st item is a soy candle from Novelly Yours!!!

For this box, Novelly Yours made 3 candles inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s couples, the one I got is Park & Eleanor which is vanilla scented and it smells really really REALLY good! (spoiler: the other 2 candles are Levi & Cath which is Coffee, Pumpkin & Chocolate scented and Raspberry scented Baz & Simon candle). It is made exclusive for this Owlcrate box and you get 1 random candle per box so you really won’t know which one you’d get and I’m so glad I got Park & Eleanor!!!!!
I’m getting way ahead of myself by saying this but this is my favorite item in the box (I’m a bit biased here because I love bookish candles and Novelly Yours is literally my top pick when it comes to bookish merch).


2nd item is a keychain designed by Bookworm Boutique!

I love how the keychain goes well with my copy of Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda! It even features a quote from the book which is perfect for the month’s theme! SML!!! ❤


3rd item!! A book band headband by Storiarts!!

This Pride & Prejudice headband’s design is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen yet! I love the words on fabric like a page from a book turned into a headband, it’s literally just wow. I actually tried it on and it’s actually comfortable too!


4th item is an print from, you’ve guessed it, Evie Bookish!

Evie Seo is the queen of graphic everything and I’m so glad that this box features and item designed by her! I haven’t read A Court of Mist and Fury but I’m seriously loving the quote in this print. I’m gonna be using this a lot for my bookstagram photos!


5th item is an Anna and the French Kiss inspired tea from The Tea Spot!

I personally don’t drink tea but the cute packaging totally got me. It’s chocolate and cherry blended which keeps me wondering how it smells and tastes like! I might give this to my tea-drinking sister and ask her about it. I’ve no doubt that it’s gonna taste amazing!

Bonus Owlcrate exclusive items!!!

This is an exclusive sneak peek for Umberland by Wendy Spinale. This is the 2nd book from the Everland series and it doesn’t come out until May 9th!


A cute Early Birds Coffee button pin!

Finally, the 6th item and this month’s book pick…


The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli!!!

This is the main reason why I’ve decided to subscribe to this month’s Owlcrate + the theme is perfect for my comtemporary heart. I know, it should be a surprise but I just had to know, and the hints were pretty obvious. I’m very much in love with it and it also came with an emoji sticker inspired by the book’s cover, a letter and a signed bookplate from Ms. Becky! ❤ ❤ ❤

It’s not over yet…


Right at the bottom of the box is a sneak peek for next month’s theme, on the other side of it is another sneak peek for an item that will be included in the next box.


May’s box will have a full-sized funko pop figure!!! AHHHHHH! I was planning on skipping next month’s box because my bank account needs to recover from this purchase LOL but I think… I’m gonna go for another purchase not only because of the funko-pop but the book pick! I might have an idea what it is and it’s gonna have an exclusive cover, another reason to not skip. 😉

So, that sums up my Owlcrate unboxing but that’s not everything for my first Owlcrate experience.

Quick story time…

I just want to share my experience especially to PH readers who are having doubts because of the shipping (time, costs and delivery). I’ve had 2nd, 3rd or even 100th thoughts at first before subscribing because of the expense. Before my first purchase, I have tried placing an order way, way back just to compute how much I will be paying LOL but yeah, for me it’s a bit expensive because of the shipping. I was also thinking about how long will it take before it arrives on my doorstep, or will it even be delivered right at my doorstep or does it have to be picked up at the post office (which I really don’t like because some customs officer likes to put their noses on other people’s packages and even asks it to be opened in front of you, which will totally ruin the whole unboxing experience, and I’ll have to pay for a storage fee of ₱112.00. (around $2.20) #sadbuttrue)
Anyway, as for the delivery time, my box did arrive earlier than expected. It arrived in the Philippines on April 21st. I also did receive an email from Owlcrate that my box has been shipped + the tracking number. I love how Owlcrate processes overseas orders way ahead of their actual shipping dates so those who live outside the US get their boxes on time. My tracking history shows that my box has been processed as early as April 6th, which is awesome customer service! ❤
My box did end up having to be picked up at the customs office and I did have to pay for the storage fee but I’m glad that they didn’t open it! (My boyfriend was the one who picked it up for me though, so I won’t be spoiled either way but that’s no fun when someone goes through your box before you!).
As for the shipping cost, I have to be honest that it’s really pricey and you’re almost paying for another box. International shipping can totally suck but when you get finally receive your box, you really wouldn’t mind it because it’s totally worth it!
Just a tip for those who wants to purchase their first Owlcrate but a bit tight on the budget, you can always use discount codes. They’re all over Instagram so you won’t have trouble getting a discount when you need one. Also, if you’re looking at a one time purchase, pick a box with a theme you know you’ll love. You don’t want to end up with a box you won’t enjoy (but is that even possible?). You can also purchase previous boxes unless their sold out.
So that’s it for my first Owlcrate experience and this is definitely not the last!


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One thought on “Unboxing | Owlcrate April 2017 Box (Head Over Heels) + Story Time

  1. Loved your post! I remember back in 2015 when I discovered Owlcrate. Their announced theme was Spooky, and since my birthday was coming I said “well, this is a present for me to me, but only one because I can’t spend this much every month!” But well… Let’s say I’m addicted to them. I don’t purchase them all because some themes just aren’t for me, but I do love the ones I’ve ordered!
    Also, regarding shipping (international customer here haha) yes, it is SUPER expensive, but worth it. I’ve made calculations and if I bought all of the items separately I’d pay even double the total costs, which is crazy!


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