My Bookstagram (Do Over) and a Giveaway!

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Hello there! This is really random but I just wanted to post about my recently made over bookstagram! I’ve been bookstagramin’ for quite a while now since I first had my book-related Instagram account even before this blog (I started on January of 2015, I just checked), but then, I haven’t really “established” my profile for various reasons. So, I decided that a little do-over might change things up. 🙂

Before everything else, let’s take trip down to memory lane and see the evolution my Instagram account…
I first started with the username @readescape_ /@read.escape
(Check out my 1st bookstagram pic!)


The reason behind that name is by that time, I only just discovered the world of reading and it has become my “escape” from reality, hence the name. But aside from that, I picked a username that didn’t include my name because I didn’t want anybody to know that I have a book-related Instagram account. I kept it a secret to my friends and family. I guess I didn’t want to be judged or something? I always had to take pics when no one is around and it was very difficult. The funny thing is that my mom eventually discovered it, (I still don’t know how) and even said I take good pics! Silly, silly me.
Eventually, I changed my name to @beatricereads after I made a blog and a twitter account. But then I stumbled through an “identity crisis” when I couldn’t settle for a theme. I always kept a theme for my feed since the beginning stage of my account because I wanted my feed to organized and pretty looking like all the other accounts I see and of course, I wanted to gain followers too.
I kept changing themes, trying something different then deleting everything again until I just got tired and decided, that’s it. I need to make up my mind!
I checked out a lot of different accounts on bookstagram and got some inspration on how to be creative on taking great photos. I also downloaded photo editing apps that most bookstagramer use. For my photos, I first edit them on Snapseed (Thank God for Snapseed!) and add filters with VSCO. You don’t need to edit much if you have great lighting so I always take my photos during day time. Shoutout to my favorite bookstagram accounts (@ejmellow,, @alybooksandcoffee, @aenteereads)
And now, here’s a glimpse of my new Instagram feed! I promise that I’ll try to keep it like this and maintain it as it is.
What do you think? 🙂
Another thing, I have an ongoing giveaway on my bookstagram to celebrate my birthday! I decided to celebrate it on IG since it’s where my bookish world journey began! Head over to my Instagram account (@beatricereads) for full mechanics. Open INTERNATIONAL. Ends 7/27 (MY BIRTHDAY!)


Thanks for stopping by!
P.S. Comment below your bookstagram accounts!

17 thoughts on “My Bookstagram (Do Over) and a Giveaway!

  1. Even though people think I’m a rooted bookstagrammer, I’m always changing themes! I probably changed it three or four times since I started, but I like my current one right now which is outdoors. I love your theme now!

    Jess @ POB!

    Liked by 1 person

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