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Title: Tell Me Three Things
Author: Julie Buxbaum
Publication: April 5th 2016 by Delacorte Press
Format: Advance Reading Copy
Source: Provided by the publisher
ISBN: 9780399552939

How Hard Can Love Be? (Normal, #2)

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synopsisWhat if the person you need the most is someone you’ve never met?
Everything about Jessie is wrong. At least, that’s what it feels like during her first week of junior year at her new ultra-intimidating prep school in Los Angeles. Just when she’s thinking about hightailing it back to Chicago, she gets an email from a person calling themselves Somebody/Nobody (SN for short), offering to help her navigate the wilds of Wood Valley High School. Is it an elaborate hoax? Or can she rely on SN for some much-needed help?
It’s been barely two years since her mother’s death, and because her father eloped with a woman he met online, Jessie has been forced to move across the country to live with her stepmonster and her pretentious teenage son.
In a leap of faith—or an act of complete desperation—Jessie begins to rely on SN, and SN quickly becomes her lifeline and closest ally. Jessie can’t help wanting to meet SN in person. But are some mysteries better left unsolved?

reviewI received an ARC of this book from Penguin Random House for my participation in this blog tour. By no means have my review been affected and/or influenced.
Waffle waffle waffle. I don’t even know where to start with this review. See, I’m waffling! No, seriously, Tell Me Three Things is such an honest and enjoyable book. The characters are refreshing, the plot is great, the writing – it’s just so simple and exceptional at the same time. Everything about this book just fits together.
First of all, this book had me at Somebody/Nobody’s first email to Jessie. That might or might not be true because this book really had me at the “But are some mysteries better left unsolved?” part of the back cover description because *points to self* mystery junkie over here. (stop waffling already, Bea!) But what I’m really trying to say here is that I just knew that I would love this book right from the first few pages.
Jessie and SN are adorable. I’m charmed by their duo. Their email/IM exchanges are not only full of wit and humor, but also depth and insights. The mystery behind SN’s identity is also another factor that made me love the idea of the characters having virtual conversations. Not seeing, or even knowing who you’re talking to, can lead to 2 different things – or a mix of both. It could either be the person is being pretentious or they’re being real.
In Jessie’s case, she’s the realest of the real. Her thoughts are full of honesty. Although, there were parts where she questions the way she responds to SN, which makes her think, “did I just say that?”.
See, that’s the thing with email. I’d never say something like that in person. Crude. Suggestive. Like, I am the kind of girl who could pull off that kind of joke.
Aren’t we all just like that? It’s not because she’s pretending to have a different personality but it’s more of her starting to discover a side of herself that she didn’t know existed or, it is what she really is and she just didn’t know it because she doesn’t show it in real life. We might confuse it to being pretentious, but the truth is, it’s being real.
The writing is simple and straightforward, making it even more engaging than it already is and it’s one of the many reasons why I enjoyed this book. There’s something magnetic about it.
The storyline is my kind of contemporary – real and fulfilling. I love how Jessie is not the perfect MC that lives in a perfect world, I also love that the plot deals with a lot of different things and does not only focus on what’s going on between Jessie and SN but it also deals with grief, first-time sex, ambiguity, and a lot more and everything developed perfectly into one beautiful story.
So, let me tell you three things:
  1. I’m 100% sure you’ll be squealing with delight and beaming till your cheeks get sore during and after reading this book.
  2. I knew I could finish this book in 1 go. I was a 30% into the book when I shut the book, checked out how “thick” the unread pages are and told myself, “Ah, I can finish this today.” It’s that good that I couldn’t put it down + the mystery is something I couldn’t wait to unravel!
  3. You need to read this book.
SN reference over here 😉 -> Just for today, I’m doing a number 4. There’s a Goodreads giveaway going on for Tell Me Three Things that I really believe you should join!

Julie Buxbaum is the author of the critically acclaimed The Opposite of Love and After You, and her work has been translated into twenty-five languages. Tell Me Three Things is her first young adult novel. Her writing has appeared in various publications, including The New York Times. She is a former lawyer and graduate of Harvard Law School and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two young children, and an immortal goldfish. Visit Julie online at and follow @juliebux on Twitter.
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