My Dream Literary Collection | I’m building a Harry Potter Library!


You might have clicked on this post thinking that I am building a Harry Potter library but I’m sorry to disappoint you, I’m not rich. However, I may not not be building an actual library (for now), but let me to share to you my dream literary collection.
Recently, Ryan from reached out to me and asked if I could share my dream literary collection. I admit, I really wasn’t sure what my dream collection is but then I browsed through Invaluable’s selection of first edition books (I was specifically looking for anything Harry Potter) and was surprised to discover these:

Harry Potter book set in different editions!



Lot 252: Rowling (J.K.) – [A Full Set of the Deluxe Edition Harry Potter Novels]




Lot 655: Harry Potter series First American Edition
 By the way, the 3 sets above are for auction at
(Images link out to respective pages)

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have the whole Harry Potter series in every edition ever made? I don’t even know how many there are. This isn’t everything, and I know I have missed some editions but this would definitely, definitely complete my dream literary collection! Accio books!
Share your dream literary collection in the comments!
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15 thoughts on “My Dream Literary Collection | I’m building a Harry Potter Library!

  1. I love this post just because it’s overflowing with Harry Potter. I am with you in building a library with ALL the Harry Potter editions available. Also, any and every Harry Potter-related items are sure to be included. The different editions are just too pretty.

    Sadly, I don’t have enough money to make this a reality. I need to buy a COMPLETE set first. Struggles of a student bookworm.

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    1. I agree! Aside from the books, HP merch is also a must have but sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees. LOL. And same here, I would need to buy a complete set first. I’ve been eyeing the new bloomsbury edition for years now. HAHA!

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      1. Oh, oh, me too! The new Bloomsbury edition is a must have. I’ve been seeing them in IG and Tumblr, and they’re just so pretty. I want them! I really do, but I need to save money because I want to buy the Special Rehearsel Script AND the Collector’s Edition Script of HP and the Cursed Child, among other things.

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  2. I thought about amassing all of Patrick Ness’ books for myself but then I was like floored by some of the first edition prices of his oldest books — so I’m just sitting on this idea for now. But it sounds really cool to have a big enough interest to own an entire collection of something. I hope you get to collecting these one day!

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    1. Indeed! First editions are expensive since they’re hard to find. I just read an article saying that 1st edition HP could sell as much as AU$77,000! And thanks,I hope the same to you and your Patrick Ness collection. 🙂


  3. Oooh Ryan also invited me to do this! I just posted mine some time back at my blog haha 🙂 ( and I also have a Potter Collection in my list 😀 I SO AGREE with your dream literary collection. Who is a Potterhead who wouldn’t want the 7 wonderful books in their possession? Plus, all the editions are lovelyyyy! If we were rich, surely we would buy them all lol

    Love the collection Bea!

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