Book Review | The Dreamer by E.J. Mellow

25309550Title: The Dreamer (Dreamland #1)
Author: E.J. Mellow
Publication: May 15th 2015 by Four Eyed Owl
Format: Finished copy/Paperback
Source: Provided by the Author
ISBN: 9780996211413

The Dreamer (Dreamland #1)

synopsisMolly hasn’t slept well since the night of her twenty-fourth birthday. Being struck by lightning might have something to do with it, but then again, her chicken did look a little undercooked at dinner. Whatever the culprit, her life quickly catapults from mundane to insane as, night after night, Molly is transported through her once dreamless sleep to a mysterious land illuminated by shooting stars.
There she meets the captivating but frustrating Dev, and together they discover Molly possesses a power coveted by his people—the ability to conjure almost anything she desires into existence. Seduced by the possibilities of this gift, Molly shifts her attention from waking life toward the man, the magic, and the world found in her dreams.
But Molly must ask herself—does something truly exist if you only see it when you close your eyes?
Faced with the threat of losing everything—her job, best friend, boyfriend, and most importantly, that little thing called her sanity—Molly will learn just how far she’ll go to uncover what is real and what is merely a figment of her imagination.

reviewI received a finished copy of this book from E.J. Mellow in exchange for an honest review. By no means have my review been affected and/or influenced.
I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. I’m still hung over with what I’ve read and I just can’t with this book!!! IT’S EXCEPTIONAL! I’m so glad to have come across The Dreamer and get the chance to enter its world.
Molly never dreams or it’s because she doesn’t remember them when she wakes up. But after being struck by lightning on her 24th birthday —and luckily survives— she starts having this weird dream where she visits the same place consecutively. Everything she experiences in her dreams are so vivid, it’s almost real. Including Dev.
The Dreamer is a fantasy fulfilling book. I have always been a curious fan of dreams and controlling them and reading this book is like living the dream. No pun intended. But yeah, I was crazy about this book I even had a dream about it.
Anyway, in this book, you get to experience what it’s like to live in 2 separate worlds, one being in the real world, the other in the dreamland and that’s where the conflict arises. How can Molly possibly live 2 separate lives without compromising one of them?
The world building is imaginative, the way Molly describes Terra Somniorum made it easy for the readers to access the world freely. The narrative is straightforward. The story line alone is already captivating, but Molly’s narration made it even more engaging. I love being inside her head, it’s very transparent. I didn’t have a difficult time reading this book.
And don’t get me started with the romance. THE FEELS!!! I’m starting to think this book had affected my mental state. Okay, so… this is the first book I’ve read that had me rooting for the 2 love interests. I wanted Molly with Jared, and I wanted Molly with Dev, too. I know it’s crazy but.. yeah it’s crazy. I can’t even gather my words for this. You need to read this book to know what I’m talking about. But to enlighten you, Dev is the dreamland guy, and Jared is Molly’s “boyfriend”. *squeals* both of them are gorgeous and uhm, there’re lots of kissing. SWEET.
Lastly, I can’t say that this book only begins near the end even if it may seem like that because in the first parts, we’re still clueless with what’s happening and why the strange dreams. I didn’t mind, I enjoyed every bit of it. But the big reveal near the end hints that it’s only the beginning. The story starts to unravel in the last parts and I can’t get over it. I need the next book!



  • The Cover – The cover is one of the reasons I have discovered this gem. It’s seriously eye catching and beautiful. This has got to go on my list of favorite book covers.
  • Romance – Even if this book is not all romance, I really enjoyed that aspect. Every time there’s a Dev-Molly moment, I swoon. And when Molly is with Jared, I swoon. There were instances where I just pause and hug my pillow because of the emotions this book wrings off of me.
  • Storyline – The Dreamer is something new and original. This book is now a favorite. There are a few books that I love re-reading for the nth time and I can see that this book will be one of them.

Book description and cover image from Goodreads


16 thoughts on “Book Review | The Dreamer by E.J. Mellow

  1. Your recent tweet convinced me to come check out your review. I’m sold. I love anything to do with dreams, as well. The cover, the synopsis, your review, it’s all wonderful. A lot of people complain about love triangles, but I often like them. It makes me happy that this one was exceptionally well done. Thanks so much for introducing me to this book. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it for you to drop by and leave a wonderful comment about my review, but what really makes me happy is that I’ve convinced someone to read this wonderful book! Thank you!


  2. Firstly the cover to this book is seriously beautiful! It’s what first drew me towards the book and secondly the concept sounds fantastic and very unique I love stories where dreams affect reality. Judging by yours and many others’ opinions of the book it’s pretty obvious this is a great read the only thing that has me put off is the 2 love interests. I cannot tand love triangles so hopefully the focus isn’t too strong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ms. Jacq really makes the best covers! Same here, I love books that involve dreams. Don’t worry about the love triangle. I really hope you give this book a read. ❤


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