Author Interview | Eleanor Wood ft. My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend

23592201Blogging + Music + Cute Rockstar = My Secret Rockstar BoyfriendAuthor Eleanor Wood shares her secret rockstar boyfriend(s) and more in this author interview!


Tell us something about your book, My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend. But, let’s make it more interesting. Use only 10 words!
A blogger meets her favourite rockstar and life gets complicated!
Who was your (Rockstar) inspiration in writing the character of Jackson Griffith?
Jackson was inspired by a combination of people. He was based in part on musicians I’ve met, but I was also thinking of pop stars in the public eye, who become so famous at such a young age and perhaps struggle with elements of fame – a bit like Justin Bieber or the boys in One Direction.  Being young and famous these days looks like really hard work!
Who then inspired Tuesday’s character?
Again, some real-life elements – she loves music and wants to be a writer, which are both things that I can really relate to. I was also thinking of cool young writers and bloggers, like Tavi Gevinson or a teenage Caitlin Moran. However, her random charity shop style is definitely based on my look when I was 17!
If you were Tuesday, who would your Secret Rockstar Boyfriend(s) be?
It’s SO hard to choose!  Obviously it would be impossible, but the ideal would still be Kurt Cobain. Or a young David Bowie. Failing that, Brian Molko or Jared Leto…
Aside from the romance, what shall readers expect in My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend?
The novel is definitely about friendship and family as much as it is romance. I also hope that readers will relate to Tuesday as she tries to figure out what it is she actually wants to do with her life, amid all the madness that is going on.
What challenges did you encounter in writing My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend?
To be honest, it was a dream to write – I really enjoyed all of it.  I’d say the things that I tried to keep in mind the most were being true to the characters and making sure that the story was always rooted in reality.  I also wrote quite a lot that I ended up cutting out – my problem is always over-writing.  I can spend an entire chapter describing the character drinking a cup of tea, what she is wearing, what the kitchen looks like and exactly what she is thinking throughout the tea-drinking process!  So I have to be ruthless when I’m editing.
Was My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend a story that has always been inside your head waiting to be written or the idea was something that just came up to you latterly?
I’ve always wanted to write a book involving blogging and music festivals, and the idea built up from there – it was a combination of real-life inspirations, but as I wrote it the story took on a life of its own and became more and more fictional (which is the fun bit).  It’s kind of a Cinderella story, the sort of thing everyone dreams about – what if..?
Now, let’s talk about you! Have you always seen yourself becoming a writer? Enlighten us about your journey in becoming a published author.
It’s a boring answer – I’ve always wanted to be a writer!  It took me a lot of years of writing before I totally found my style and MSRB was published.  I’ve always written – from trying to write novels to blogging and some journalism.  Reading and writing have always been the main things that take up my time!
Are you currently working on a new project?
Yes, I’m currently working on my next book, which is a story about girls in a band.  Again it’s a story that looks at fame and friendship, which are some of my favourite themes so I’m very excited about it!


eleanorEleanor Wood is the author of My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend. Her work has been published in various magazines and on websites, most recently Elle magazine. Her erstwhile lo-fi fanzine, Shocking Blues and Mean Reds, won praise from the Independent, Lauren Laverne, and Marmalade magazine, among others. She lives in Brighton, blogs about music (among other things), has a Leonard Cohen tattoo and a fringe, and would like to get a dog.
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23592201Geeky girl meets famous boy . . . what could go wrong?
Tuesday Cooper is happy being normal -doing her a-levels and indulging in her twin obsessions: buying weird vintage clothes in charity shops and writing her beloved music blog (which nobody ever reads). Her love for music started when she was thirteen and had a massive crush on Jackson Griffith, teen rock god and SUPER HOT LOVE OF HER LIFE. Now Tuesday’s eighteen and has moved on to fancying boys in real life and Jackson went off the celebrity radar years ago.

So it can’t be him that’s messaging her on her blog, can it?

From one girl’s computer to the pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival, this is a love story for anyone who has ever wished that someone would sing a love song just for them.

Dreams can come true . . .

My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend

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5 thoughts on “Author Interview | Eleanor Wood ft. My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend

  1. Lovely interview!! Super fun and very insightful. I love that the story is as much about the friendship as the romance – every book IMO needs a solid friendship going on so I’m super happy about that. Love the inspiration behind the characters too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed readng this interview! The inspiration for the characters being not just one but a combination of people is interesting. I loved all her choices of chosen rockstar boyfrends especially Jared Leto gahh i love him! ANd of course David Bowie may he rest in peace. This story sounds really great and such a fun read!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I understand the author when it comes to over-writing. I have that same problem :/. Along with it, I really enjoyed the read of this interview. It was very interesting and insightful. Hugs!


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