Blog Tour | Like It Never Happened by Emily Adrian [Review]

23281823 (1)Title: Like It Never Happened
Author: Emily Adrian
Publication: June 2nd 2015 by Dial Books
Format: Advance Reading Copy
Source: Provided by the publisher via NetGalley
ISBN: 9780525428237

Dream Things True

synopsisWhen Rebecca Rivers lands the lead in her school’s production of The Crucible, she gets to change roles in real life, too. She casts off her old reputation, grows close with her four rowdy cast-mates, and kisses the extremely handsome Charlie Lamb onstage. Even Mr. McFadden, the play’s critical director, can find no fault with Rebecca.
Though “The Essential Five” vow never to date each other, Rebecca can’t help her feelings for Charlie, leaving her both conflicted and lovestruck. But the on and off-stage drama of the cast is eclipsed by a life-altering accusation that threatens to destroy everything…even if some of it is just make believe.

reviewI received a digital ARC of this book from Penguin Young Readers Group via NetGalley for my participation in this blog tour. By no means have my review been affected and/or influenced.
Judging by it’s cover, I kind of expected Like It Never Happened to be a summer-y, light read. But I guess it’s really wrong to judge a book by it’s cover because it isn’t.
Rebecca Rivers always gets the lead role in every school play. She and 4 other members call themselves “The Essential Five” since it’s already expected for them to be casted the best roles for every production. But things start to get complicated. I won’t tell you why, but it really does.
There were quite a lot of drama in this book. First it was Rebacca’s dilemma of falling for Charlie, whom she made a pact with, including the other members of the essential five, to never date each other. Then there’s also her suddenly returning runaway sister with a big revelation. Not to mention, a whole lot of rumors.
While reading this book, there’s been a question present in my mind: What was the title talking about? What could be the “it” in Like It Never Happened?
Aside from the “drama”, there were a lot of flashbacks in this book which took the story to quite a lot of different directions (e.g. Her past with one of the essential fives, her sister’s secret, a 12th grade rumor, etc.) before actually leading to what I guess was the main plot.
I really didn’t buy how Rebecca suddenly realizes that she “loves” this one character in the book. But when you look at it in a different way, it could be the author’s way of showing Rebecca’s naiveness about certain things, including love. I actually kind of expected it in the plot because of the prior imposition of some tension between Rebecca and the character. Honestly speaking, I find it kind of cute but, since there were a lot of other things going on, I got confused with where the plot was headed.
But what I like about this book is how the characters weren’t sugar coated. Rebecca wasn’t a perfect MC, she has flaws and weaknesses, she makes stupid decisions but makes wise ones too. Charlie was this charming, smart boy that everybody likes but when you try to look at him in a different light, you’d instantly see his pretentions and insecurities.
Overall, if when you’re gonna read this book, leave your expectations by the door before entering. And brace yourselves for the theatrics (on and off stage).


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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour | Like It Never Happened by Emily Adrian [Review]

  1. I’m surprised I haven’t heard this one before but I really enjoyed your review! Like it Never Happened sounds like an alright book but one I don’t think will be added to my favourites. It does sound like a nice drama filled light read but as you said I shouldn’t expect that and this is what intrigues me. I’m not too sure about the inst-love with the MC and that other character but I guess I’ll have to read to judge.


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