Book Review | Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

17286807Title: Dead Girls Don’t Lie
Author: Jennifer Shaw Wolf
Publication: October 21st 2014 by Bloomsbury USA Childrens (first published September 17th 2013)
Format: Finished copy/Paperback
Source: Purchased from Fully Booked
ISBN: 9780802734495

Dead Girls Don't Lie

synopsisRachel died at two a.m. . . Three hours after Skyler kissed me for the first time. Forty-five minutes after she sent me her last text.
Jaycee and Rachel were best friends. But that was before. . . before that terrible night at the old house. Before Rachel shut Jaycee out. Before Jaycee chose Skyler over Rachel. Then Rachel is found dead. The police blame a growing gang problem in their small town, but Jaycee is sure it has to do with that night at the old house. Rachel’s text is the first clue—starting Jaycee on a search that leads to a shocking secret. Rachel’s death was no random crime, and Jaycee must figure out who to trust before she can expose the truth.

reviewCan I just say that I love everything about this book? Because I really do! And believe me, Dead Girls Don’t Lie got me on a MAJOR book hangover. So, unlike my other reviews, this one might get a little spoiler-ish.
This book is no doubt a page turner an unputdownable read. The complexity of each chapter will keep you up all night reading and unraveling the mystery of Rachel’s death. You won’t be able to put this book down even when you’re already done reading.
Written in Jaycee’s POV, the story takes its readers from flashbacks to clues leading to the discovery of why was Rachel killed and who is the murderer.
Jaycee feels a bit guilty about her distant friend’s sudden death when she ignored a text Rachel sent her the night she was murdered. This leads to a series of clues that Jaycee later on uncovers.
I see Jaycee as a goody two shoes that lives to please her over-protective father. But she took a 180 when the eagerness to solve the mystery inside her took over, not only that but Skyler Cross was another factor that turned Jaycee the goody-goody into a Jaycee that lies, sneaks out and almost gets herself killed. Skyler isn’t a bad influence, in fact, I like love Skyler. I love how the real Jaycee comes out when Skyler is around. To be honest, I feel for Jaycee, there’s a part of her that I see myself in. (Especially the part where Rachel thinks she’s too good because of her “church stuff”, my old friend used to think that too.) This book became real to me.
Dead Girls Don’t Lie is more than just about murder, it also addressed the issue of racial discrimination, specifically with Mexican immigrants. There were a bunch of stereotyping though but it didn’t affect the story in a bad way.
Anyway, I desperately want a movie for this book.



  • The Romance between Jaycee and Skyler – If I haven’t told you yet, I love stories that make me swoon. The fact that this book is in the mystery/thriller genre but still manage to make me kilig is really something. Jennifer Shaw Wolf didn’t just write this book for Jaycee and Skyler to fall in love with each other but for the readers me to fall in love with Skyler.
  • Twist – I’m the type of reader that likes to solve mysteries on my own and not just go along with the main characters speculation. With Dead Girls Don’t Lie, I want to find out who the suspect is and tell myself “I knew it was him/her!” but that didn’t happened. There were a lot of leads and dead ends with the clues Jaycee discovers. The author hid the killer well with such twist that literally made my stomach hurt (for reals).
  • How it keeps you guessing – Word.
  • The Title – When the title of the book you’re reading says “Dead Girls Don’t Lie”, they really don’t. So when your dead friend leaves you a note saying don’t trust anyone but this person, always refer to the title. (So that’s a bit of a spoiler 😆 )
This book was an unplanned buy. I have never heard of it from anyone or anywhere. I just went in the bookstore one day and grabbed the only copy of this book upon seeing the title. I read the blurb and spent a good 30 minutes thinking if I should buy this book (Yep, I do a lot of thinking before buying a book because I don’t want to regret spending my money on a book I wouldn’t like.) or not. Having no access to the internet, I sent a text message to my friend and asked her to go check out the rating on Goodreads. Then she replied, saying it has a 4/5 star rating. Guess what, I bought it. I realized that I buy books (Mostly books I haven’t heard of) based on reviews. Book reviews definitely have that influence to make a reader interested or uninterested, don’t you think? So what if it only had a 2 star rating? (Which is unlikely) Would I have bought it still? Maybe? I don’t know. I only know that I have no regrets reading this book. In fact, if I’m allowed to, I’d shove it in everyone’s faces and tell them to read it. But of course I won’t, so I’m asking nicely instead. READ THIS BOOK, PLEASE.


Book Description and Cover Image from Goodreads

8 thoughts on “Book Review | Dead Girls Don’t Lie by Jennifer Shaw Wolf

  1. Your review had convinced me to add this to my tbr and read it asap. I have read very few thrillers, and since I’ve planned to branch out this year, I think this book will fit in just fine.
    Although, I found out about this book just now, I can’t stop thinking about who could be the culprit 😛 So, thanks for the review. I’m def gonna check it out 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the title of this book, I would’ve bought it solely because of its good title too. I like your review and I am glad the book lived up to the expectations of its title. Will buy it if I see a copy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you! I’m happy to get some people read this book. I want to know what your thoughts about it when you get the chance to read it. 🙂


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