Random Beginnings.

It’s 12:45 am and my mom is telling me to go to bed but here I am sitting in front of my computer, typing. *cue: keyboard typing sound effect*
Allow me to pour out everything in my head right now before it disappears. Or before I get distracted. Just this moment, I have decided to create a blog. Not just a blog, but a blog for books. You see, it was just last year when I realized that I actually liked reading. Wait, let me put it this way. I discovered that I have the capacity to actually finish a book without skipping chapters or asking my friends to just tell me what happens in the book. (Now don’t ask why my site address is named like it is) I realized that reading was fun, enjoyable and an escape to a different world. And it’s even more fun when you get to be in that world with other readers.
Reading other book blogs also influenced me to start my own because I, too, want to share my thoughts on a certain book and not just agree or disagree to what others are saying about it. I also want to challenge myself if I would be able to comprehend and express my thoughts into words. So I just hope that this impulsive decision to create a blog won’t end up to be a “ningas cogon” one.
Anyway, I still have to get used to blogging, all the technicalities, how-to’s and things like that. So I guess that will be it for now. And when I get back, I’ll post something book related. Fine with that? Yes, I know you are.
P.S. I’m currently reading Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard and that will be the first book I’m going to review. Please anticipate!
Thank you!
It’s now 1:42 am.

10 thoughts on “Random Beginnings.

  1. Hi Beatrice! I’m glad you decided to create a blog. It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, and if you ever feel pressured to post or if you’re worried about the blog being a dead end, just take a break. So welcome to the book blogging community! I can’t wait to see what you post 🙂

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    1. Thank you Kaylie! Your words are totally encouraging especially to a newbie like me. I’ll make sure to put my best effort in my blogs content. And take breaks too. 🙂


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